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HTR Maskinteknik take pride in being innovative when finding the right solutions to our customers’ needs. Based on this idea, we have, over the years, developed the efficient and reliable equipment, that form our present product programme.
However, we offer more than just standard equip- ment. Since 1988 we have constructed a varie- ty of special machinery for the horticultural, environmental and mechanical industries, and we have extensive experience in develop- ment of new equipment tailored to the individual needs of our customers. So, we will surely find a solution to suit your demands as well - if we haven’t already found it.​

For Horticulture

Rapid and efficient cleaning of benches, trollies and containers. Ergonomic and timesaving tools and machines for the handling of pots and trays from potting to shipping. In our section for the horticulture industry you'll find the right equip- ment, for standard nurseries or customized to your specific needs.​

For Environment

Washing-systems for waste containers of all sizes - available for stationary or mobile installations.Equipment for emptying, handling and repairing containers.Special machinery for all kinds of cleaning, handling etc. in the environmental industry - from idea to the final installation.

For Industry

Whether you need to optimize a single work-process or a full production line, we have efficient solutions for your production.You'll find vibrating conveyors, waste separators, workstations and much more in our Industry section.And, of course, we supply full documentation and installations and operations manuals.