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Horticulture demands efficiency

This is where HTR comes into the picture with our range of efficient cleaning and handling equipment, optimized for - and in collaboration with - commercial growers.The continuous development of our products is carried out according to the experience and wishes of our customers, and thus today we can provide a broad range of thoroughly tested products as well as extensive know-how for development of custom- made equipment and machinery for the industry.
The ever growing competition has made efficiency a must in contemporary horticulture. And, proces optimization has become just as relevant to com- mercial growers, as to any other industry.Thus time consumption is in focus throughout the entire production - from potting to dispatching, still maintaining the gentle care of the plants and the employees’ working conditions. Just like the clean- ing pauses between cultures must be minimized without compromising the quality of the cleaning.


Spacers & Containerlifts

Together There’s Nothing We Can’t Handle

Each and every plant is handled several times, before it leaves the nursery, and HTR helps you speed up almost all your handling.You find the perfect equipment for timesaving and ergonomic handling from potting to packing, in the menu.​

Pot spacing

The HTR Distance- provider is available as standard bench model, or as floor model for indoor and outdoor spacing.​

Pot spacing, whether on location or combined with transfer to a new area, takes time and training.

The HTR distance- provider (pot spacing fork) makes it a simple task, combining the transfer of a row of plants from tray to bench and the spacing to a preset distance into one single operation - smooth, fast and with optimate ergonomy ​The HTR Distance- provider is made in stainless steel and aluminium.​
Its low weight, low fric- tion, and high resist- ance to dust and dirt, combined with its per- fect balance and well shaped handles, en- sure a fast and efficient tool while keeping strain on plants and workers to a minimum.

The HTR Distance- provider, shown here in the bench model, is available for the following pot sizes: 5.5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 9.5 - 10 - 10.5 - 11 - 11.5 - 12 - 12.5 - 13 cm.

Distanceproviders for other sizes are supplied on demand. The spacing between the pots can be step- lessly adjusted in one single operation on all models.​

Pot Spacing at Ground Level

​Groundlevel distancing, indoors or outdoors, puts a lot of strain on the back and knees and can be a source of injuries. The HTR outdoor distanceprovider solves this problem by enabling you to carry out the work standing.


The HTR Containerlift ensures optimal ergono- mic working conditions in loading and unloading of CC- Containers.​

The CC Container (also know as Danish Trolley) is en aknowledged standard in horticulture industry all over Europe for transport of pot plants and flowers all the way from production to retail. However, packing a container can take a toll on back and shoulders of an employee when loading plants to the top shelves.​

The HTR Containerlift offers the optimate ergonomic solution to this without comprom- ising the time or efficiency.In the HTR Containerlift the CC Container can be steplessly lowered and elevated to ensure a suitable height of the shelves in relation to the individual employee and the actual compo- sition of the container.​

Lowest position of the lift is 80 cm under floor levvel, which brings the top of a standard CC Container down to 110 cm (and the top shelf to a mere 100 cm over the ground).​

The lift can be operated via control panel or remote control.​


Our standard programme of handling tools also comprises these three classics, which for years have proven their worth in numerous nurseries.​

3 of our products

Pot forks for pot-to-pot spacing.
Universal forks for trays.
Rollers for tray handling.


Cleanliness is Paramount to Your Plants

A careful cleaning between productions is paramount to plant health in your nursery, which applies to both houses and benches as well as trollies and containers. HTR have the equipment for efficient and rapid cleaning of containers and benches.

Bench Washers

HTR Bench Washers is the efficient solution to cleaning rolling benches between productions.
Washing width: 500 mm
Required press.: 180 bar
Water flow: 16 l/min.
Capacity: 5-6 min/bench.

The HTR Bench Wash- er was developed for efficient and rapid cleaning of benches. Connected to any high pressure cleaner with the required capacity, the HTR Bench washer cleans a standard rolling bench in just 5-6 minutes and an entire house in a few hours.

Container Washers

Important as it may be, the cleaning of containers and trollies often becomes a production bottleneck in the season, thus increasing the need for containers.The HTR Wash Tunnel for CC Containers ensures an efficient and rapid cleaning process and helps you keeping your investments in transport equipment down.​

Getting Your Containers Back in Circulation​

The HTR Wash Tunnel for CC Containers helps you minimize idle time for your trollies as well as the number of trollies required.Built like a car-wash- tunnel, it combines the careful cleaning with an immediate drying, thus ensuring the trollies’ quick return to the pool.

Special equipment

Equipment for special horticulture needs

Since 1988 we have been supplying commercial growers with special machines and tools developed and manufactured to fulfill each customer’s individual needs. The cart and the pot dispenser in the above pictures being just random examples.​

​We have acquired an extensive know-how in horticultural industry and a broad experience in meeting the growers’ demands with new and innovative equipment.And we are confident that we will find the right solution to any of your technical problems as well.​


Maintenance in horticulture

​Preventive maintenance is just as relevant in commercial horticulture as in the technical industries. Maybe even more so because of the seasonal production.

In order to avoid major break-downs of your technical equipment during the growth season, we strongly recomend you have carried out a preventive maintenance off season.

Horticulture may be an occupation demanding lots of patience. Yet it would be wrong to cha- racterize the plants as patient. At least, they do not tolerate postpone- ments, and vvery oper- ation in the nursery must be carried out when they are ready, not the gardener nor his tools. Which makes maintenance important.

Your money is at stake, if tools or machines, if tools or machines let you down on a crucial day, and your whole season may very well depend on, how fast you can get a repair.

HTR Maskinteknik are familiar with the condi- tions of the commercial growers, and we do know, that your plants cannot wait.

We aim to ensure you the fastest possible service for all your equipment throughout the growth season. However, since the whole industry is busy at the same time, we cannot guarantee, that you’ll never have to wait for our technicians.

Therefore we recomend a preventive off season maintenance as the best protection against unpleasant surprises.